5 Things to Look for in a Living Quarters Trailer

5 Things to Look for in a Living Quarters Trailer

A Quick Guide to Start Your Living Quarters Trailer Shopping

So you’ve decided you want it all. Good! You deserve it! A living quarters trailer provides the perfect blend of practically and comfort for any horse enthusiast on the go, putting everything you need all under the same roof.

Once you’ve decided that a living quarters trailer is for you, what exactly should you be looking for? Here are a few good questions you should ask:

  1. Is the interior built and installed by the same manufacturer that builds the trailer?
    You wouldn’t want to go to an upscale restaurant, only to find that they serve dishes from another establishment. By checking if the same manufacturer made the whole trailer, you ensure that you’ll be getting consistent quality throughout your portable palace. In addition, if there are ever any questions or warranty issues with your trailer, you’ll only need to contact one company.
  1. Is the interior federally and locally certified?
    You’re buying a living quarters trailer because you want to be able to go anywhere with your horses in comfort and style. It defeats the purpose if you find out your trailer won’t be allowed in some campgrounds. Verifying that a trailer is both federally and local certified allows you to focus on where you want to go rather then where you can go.
  1. Is real wood used in the cabinets and trim?
    There’s no good substitute for the real thing. If you want quality then make sure the living trailer you purchase uses real wood.
  1. Is the horse area functional and user friendly?
    This seems obvious, but when buying a living quarters trailer be sure to get a good feel for the horse area. The gates, doors, and dividers should all be well designed and easy to use. Don’t settle for anything less.
  1. Is there a variety of tack storage options?
    A horse trailer with living quarters should be a home away from home, and like any other home, there should be plenty of storage. A variety of storage options, such as side tack, mid tack, rear tack, and mangers provide the storage plan that’s right for you.

Lastly, be sure to relax and enjoy yourself! Buying a living quarters trailer is fun and exciting! As long as long as you ask these simple questions, you can’t go wrong. Now get out and enjoy your new home on the road.