How to Clean Your Livestock/Horse Trailer

How to Clean Your Livestock/Horse Trailer

Maintaining your horse/livestock trailer on a regular basis is the key to knowing the trailer will be ready to hit the road whenever you need it. Cleaning your trailer is a major part of maintenance. Cleaning not only keeps the trailer looking like new, but is also a great way to inspect your trailer for or any damage that might need attention.

Park Your Trailer

Find a location to park your trailer near access to running water. It’s a good idea to park the trailer with the front of the trailer higher than the rear.  Doing this will allow water run out of the trailer as you clean. Remember to block the trailer’s wheels for added safety.

What You’ll Need

You’ll want to gather all the necessary cleaning tools before you get started:

  • Hose with high-pressure nozzle or Pressure Washer
  • Bucket(s)
  • Long-handled, Soft Bristled Scrub Brush
  • Short-handled, Soft Bristled Scrub Brush
  • Soap Safe for Automotive Paint and Finishes
  • Shovel
  • Broom

Cleaning Your Trailer’s Interior 

  1. Start by opening all the doors and windows on your trailer. You’ll want good ventilation while you clean, and also when finished allowing the trailer to dry completely.
  2. Using a shovel, remove all bedding, waste etc. from the trailer. Sweep the floor with a broom to remove any remaining debris.
  3. Remove any accessories from inside the trailer (floor mats, hay nets, lead ropes etc.). Now you are ready to clean.
  4. Using a hose or pressure washer, rinse the trailer’s interior. Don’t forget the ceiling, stall dividers and floor.
  5. Scrub the interior of the trailer with a soft bristled brush and soap removing any debris not removed by initial rinse.
  6. Thoroughly rinse every interior surface making sure all the soap has been removed.
  7. Leave the trailer doors and windows open allowing the trailer to air dry. Drying is a vital part of the cleaning process.  Not allowing your trailer to completely dry may lead to mold and mildew forming inside the trailer.
  8. Once your trailer is completely dry, you can replace the accessories you removed (floor mats, hay nets etc.).

 Cleaning Your Trailer’s Exterior 

You can easily clean the trailer’s exterior at home using many of the same cleaning tools you’ve already gathered.  If you want to expedite the job, using a commercial car wash is a good option.

  1. Close the trailer’s doors and windows. Using a hose or pressure washer, rinse the trailer’s exterior. Include the roof, wheel wells, tires, and undercarriage.
  2. Using an automotive soap and soft bristled brush, thoroughly scrub your trailer’s exterior surfaces, including tires and wheel wells. As you clean, inspect the exterior for chipped paint, or other damage.
  3. Thoroughly rinse soap from the exterior surfaces you’ve cleaned.

A well-maintained trailer can last nearly a lifetime. But, if your hauling needs have changed or you are ready for an upgrade, we’ll be happy to connect you with your next, best horse/livestock trailer.

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