6 Tips to Get Your Horse Trailer Summer Ready

6 Tips to Get Your Horse Trailer Summer Ready
It may only be March, but summer is just around the corner. To get ready for trail riding and show season, you’ll need to get your horse trailer out of storage and make sure it’s ready for hauling. Before you load up your equine pals, there are a few tips to help you prepare your trailer for a safe and successful summer of horse hauling.

Spring Cleaning Is a Great Place to Start

Even though your horse trailer has been in storage all winter, there are benefits to a thorough spring cleaning before you hit the road. A proper exterior cleaning can keep any paint like new, for starters. A clean trailer is easier to inspect, as well. As you wash, you can examine for trouble spots and identify any repairs that may need your attention. As you clean surfaces inside and out, you can create a to-do list of areas to fix.

Rust Spotting

One of the greatest enemies of a horse trailer is rust. You may have stored your trailer indoors over the winter, but there may be a few rust spots that you can take care of before they get worse. Look for degradation at critical hinge points and inside the trailer. At the very least, you’ll want to prevent any existing rust from spreading.

Tires & Tread Checking

After sitting for several months, you may discover your trailer’s tires are low on air. Take your inspection a little further and check the tread and valve stems as well. If you notice any excessive wear, bulging, or leaks, it may be time for a new tire. Don’t forget to check the condition of any spares you have available, too. You don’t want to find yourself on the road under the assumption you can use a spare that’s gone flat or experienced damage over the winter.

Lights, Wiring & Brakes

The electrical components and wiring on your trailer will need to be tested before you load up and hit the trails. It’s often best to have a helper, so one person can be in the cab of your truck applying pressure to brakes and testing blinkers. You’ll want to inspect your wiring and connections to ensure your trailer is road ready.

Floors, Doors, and Windows

Before you load your horses, you’ll want to inspect the interior of your trailer with a horse-eye’s view. Look closely at the flooring and recognize if there are any areas that need to be replaced, repaired, or could cause damage to a nervously stomping horse. Any loading ramps will need to be functionally tested as well. Make sure all hinges on doors and dividers are operating seamlessly. Open and close windows and check the durability of any screens. You can look for more creature comfort-related fixes with padding, floor mats, hay racks, and ties.

Tackle the Tack Rooms, Living Quarters & Storage

Dig into any storage compartments your trailer might have. Clean those spaces out thoroughly and look for any must-fix areas. You’ll be hauling your best gear in these areas, so it’s important to keep them free of debris or moisture. If your trailer provides living quarters, you should expect to get your personal space ready for the horse hauling season, too. Move through the area and test cabinets, stowaway spaces, and any equipment.
The spring months will fly by quickly, and before you know it, it will be summer. It may be the ideal time of year to take an inventory of the condition of your horse trailer. You’ll want to get it out of storage, dust it off, and make sure it’s ready to load and haul. You may decide it’s time to trade in your trailer and upgrade to a new one. For more tips on getting your horse trailer ready or options for a new one, contact us!