Things to Consider When Purchasing a Gooseneck Trailer

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Gooseneck Trailer

How to know which gooseneck trailer is right for you.

Bumper pull trailers are great, but sometimes you just want a little more. That could be more room for horses, more room for cattle, more room for tack, or all that and then some. If you feel like you’ve just outgrown your bumper pull trailer, a gooseneck trailer may be the right option for you. Gooseneck trailers slide over a ball hitch in the bed of pickup trucks, centering the weight on the rear axle instead of the back frame. This means goosenecks are typically larger and capable of hauling bigger loads. The ability to build them larger also allows a wider variety of floor plans to be available. Once you’ve decided you want a gooseneck, there are a few things you should consider before your purchase.

  • Is there enough room in this trailer to meet my needs?

-You’re buying a trailer for extra space, so the worst thing to do would be buying one without enough of it.

  • Is this trailer rated to haul what I want to haul?
  • Is there a floor plan available to meet my hauling needs?

-Mid Tack

-Side Tack

-Rear Tack


-Extended Tack or Dressing Room

-Lined and Insulated Dressing Room

  • Is the horse/stock area well designed with doors, gates and dividers that are safe and easy to use?

– It goes without saying, but safety and usability should always be the first things considered when buying a horse trailer.

  • Are the exterior aluminum sheets pre-painted with enamel paint or are they factory painted with polyurethane paint?

-Factory paint is thicker than paint on pre-painted sheets. Thicker paint means more durability.

-Polyurethane is used in factory paint. This paint is much more durable compared to the enamel paint used on pre-painted sheets.

  • Are different stall sizes available?

-Typically straight load trailers are for smaller horses and slant load trailers are for larger ones.

Gooseneck trailers aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve decided to take the next step up they’re a great value trailer. Whether you’re looking at a gooseneck trailer or bumper pulls, consider checking out our great selection of trailers.