Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get replacement parts and accessories for my trailer?

All parts and accessories can be purchased from any authorized Trails West dealer or directly from the Trails West Parts Store. Authorized dealers can be found using the “Find a Dealer” page from our website menu and all factory parts inquiries should be directed to:

How do I find an authorized Trails West Dealer?

Authorized dealers can be found using the “Find a Dealer” page from our website menu.

What is my used Trails West Trailer Worth?

The best resource for valuation of used trailers is your local dealer (see “Find a Dealer” page on our website). As we do not sell factory direct, we do not follow the used trailer market closely enough to give accurately used valuations from the factory.

How can I get a replacement Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tag for my trailer?

Replacement VIN tags are available from the factory for a small fee. All replacement VIN tag inquiries should be directed to:

Can I get an Owner's Manual for my trailer?

Owner’s manuals for most Trails West trailers and models are available to download on our website under the “Owner’s Manual” button.

What do I do if I have a problem with my trailer or have questions regarding my trailer's warranty?

All repair or warranty inquiries should be directed to the authorized dealer you purchased your trailer from.

Can I buy a trailer directly form the factory?

All of our trailers are sold exclusively through authorized dealers. We do not sell trailers factory-direct.

Career Opportunities/How do I apply for employment at Trails West?

Applications for employment can be submitted online using the “Job Opportunities” page from our website menu. You may also apply in person at our production facility located at: 67 North 800 West, Preston, Idaho.