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Employment Application Form
How long have you lived at this address?
Are you over 18?
Will you work overtime when requested?
Have you been previously employed by Trails West?
If so, when?
Who referred you to work at Trails West?

Previous Employment Record

(Present or last employer)

Job Title
Company Phone
Company Name and Address:
Supervisor Name at Company
Dates Employed at Company
Nature of Work at Company
Reason for Leaving Company?
Starting Wage at Company
Ending Wage at Company

Please tell us about your employment before your current employer. 

Job Title on Last Day
Company Name and Address
Dates Employed
Name and Address of High School
Can you read a tape measure?
Can you read simple blue prints or shop drawings?
What kind of hand and power tools have you used?
What kind of machines and shop equipment have you operated?
What kind of construction and/or assembly skills do you possess?


Highest Year Completed
Do you have any disability, handicap or medical condition which might limit your ability to perform the work for which you are applying?
If yes, what can be done to accommodate your limitation?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a routine traffic violation?
If yes, please explain:
Are you willing to submit to a drug test as a condition of employment?

Emergency Contact Name:
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We reserve the right to conduct drug testing on a random basis.

I hereby certify the above statements are true and authorize the company to investigate all information on this application. The companies, schools and persons named herein may give information regarding me and I hereby release them from all liability for doing so.  I understand that false or misleading statements are cause for disqualification of my application or dismissal if employed.  I also understand that completion of this application form does not indicate positions are open or obligate the company in any way.  I understand that if employed, it is not guaranteed for any definite time period and may be terminated at any time by the employer or by myself with or without cause.

Please type your name to state that you comply with the above statement.*

Note to applicant: This application will be active for one hundred-eighty (180) days from date of submission.  For employment consideration after such date, another application will be required.