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Is It Time For A Horse Trailer With Living Quarters?

Think back to the beginning of your competitive riding career. If you’re like most American equestrians, it began with pony rides and lessons. You hadn’t yet developed a taste for certain bloodlines. You were barely breed-aware.

Remember that your first horse was a low-budget starter horse named “Old Brownie” bought from your trainer. As you mastered new skills and faced new challenges, you sought more sophisticated mounts. Remember that bittersweet feeling of trading in Old Brownie for a younger, more talented ride.

Eventually, you fell in love with a specific breed or devoted yourself to a particular sport. Whether it was running barrels on the weekends or free-styling first-level movements to a symphony, it was time for a specialist.

Let’s come back to the present. You’re all grown up, and it’s time for a new horse trailer. It will be bittersweet to say farewell to your old trailer, but it’s time to step up to a specialist. And if you’re wondering if it’s time to step up to a living quarters horse trailer, you’re in the right spot. Today, we’ll cover the amenities that make living quarters trailers so great and remind you of some non-competitive fun you can have with the right trailer, too. Enjoy!

Living Quarters Trailers: Costs & Considerations

A horse trailer with living quarters will cost more than a standard horse trailer with only tack space and undoubtedly more than a livestock trailer. The difference is all in the amenities. Living quarters trailers blend horse transportation with the amenities of a camper.

Our competitive equestrians love access to:

  • Running water and a functioning restroom
  • A refrigerator for snacks
  • Cooktops for food prep
  • A comfortable, roomy bed
  • A booth to dine at (or study your course)
  • Exterior awnings for shade

The beauty of a horse trailer with living quarters is that you can take it to the showgrounds and be comfortable, no matter what the weather has in store. Your good show clothes will stay cleaner and you’ll appreciate privacy when it’s time to change clothes.

Most of all, you’ll sleep better knowing your precious horses and costly tack are only feet away. If you’ve ever had to hand-walk a colicky horse all night long, two states away from home, you’ll appreciate that proximity. And in a post-pandemic world, it’s a bonus to remain socially distant by avoiding motel rooms and restaurant seating.

“Do I really need a horse trailer with living quarters?”

As with every other horse-related purchase, you’ll need to weigh your budget against the value of a trailer. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Do you spend more than one night away at an event? Would you like to?
  • Does the whole family take part in shows? Would they like to?
  • Could you enjoy the competition experience more if you didn’t need to travel from the show grounds to the motel room?

All these reasons lead our customers to choose a horse trailer with living quarters. The savings on hotel rooms and restaurant food can mitigate the costs if you use your trailer only a few times a year! But these trailers aren’t strictly for competitive riders.

“What else can I do with a living quarters trailer?”

If you’ve ever daydreamed about hitting the beach with your horses, foxhunting in another state, camping under the stars, or hunting from horseback, a living quarters horse trailer is a must-have. Imagine how much fun you’ll have taking your horses to the beach or exploring the mountains! And this year, since many families will be thinking twice about their traditional summer vacation, maybe a living quarters trailer is more affordable than you thought.

Ultimately, we know both the world of competitive riding and the realms of recreational travel will undergo some changes in 2021. This is the perfect year to step up to a living quarters horse trailer and experience all the other activities you can do with your horses outside the show ring. Contact us today for a quote.