What Are The Differences Between The 2023 & 2024 RPM?

The RPM by Trails West has always been the best in class for snow enthusiasts. It is designed by people who use the trailers, so no detail is forgotten. The best thing about the RPM by Trails West is that it does all the work for you so you can concentrate on having a good […]

Winterizing Your Trailer FAQ

Why is it important to winterize my Trails West Living Quarters?Winterizing your Trails West Living Quarter is crucial to protect it from freezing temperatures, which can cause damage to the plumbing, appliances, and infrastructure. Proper winterization ensures your trailer is ready to hit the road again when spring arrives. When should I start the winterization […]

A Letter From Our customer

“Hey Nathan, My wife and I purchased a new Trails West trailer this past week from you guys after an unfortunate event with our other one. I’ve attached some pictures to further explain. On April 2nd my wife was coming home from a horse show in Astoria when a speeding car lost control, crossed the […]

Bowed Tendons 101 — The Healthy Hauling Series Part 8

Soft tissue injuries — particularly bowed tendons — are among the most common injuries faced by competitive equines. Thoroughbreds on the track are especially prone to bows, but any horse can suffer one. They’re caused by many factors, ranging from over-extension and tearing of the tendon to impact from another hoof. At Trails West Trailers, our customers are […]

Is It Time For A Horse Trailer With Living Quarters?

Think back to the beginning of your competitive riding career. If you’re like most American equestrians, it began with pony rides and lessons. You hadn’t yet developed a taste for certain bloodlines. You were barely breed-aware. Remember that your first horse was a low-budget starter horse named “Old Brownie” bought from your trainer. As you […]

Shopping For Western Saddles Online In 2021

Shopping for saddles is fun but not easy. And it’s become more difficult since the pandemic closed your favorite tack stores. As income tax refunds loom and the show season starts, we know many riders are shopping for tack, including Western saddles online this year. You can find a million articles on the web about […]

Osteoarthritis In Competition Horses — The Healthy Hauling Series Part 7

Whether you run jackpots on Friday nights or float around a dressage ring, it’s time for your most trusted, seasoned campaigners to have some downtime, especially if equine osteoarthritis is a factor. Maybe you’ve been coping with equine osteoarthritis for years, or perhaps this is the first time your horse comes out of his stall […]

A Three Day Eventer’s Guide to Horse Trailers

Eventing is not for the faint of heart! Frankly, it’s the only equine sport that requires riders to wear their medical information on their arm to compete. Today, we’ll walk you through the levels of eventing and explain what you’ll need from a horse trailer at each level. 3-Day Basics Yes, eventers, we know how you […]

What Goes In The First Aid Kit In A Horse Trailer? — The Healthy Hauling Series Part 6

If you’ve purchased a pre-made kit, double-check that it includes these items: What about prescription medications? You’ll need to talk to your vet about those first. Should I Put My Horse’s Prescriptions In A First Aid Kit In The Horse Trailer? Your horse’s prescription medications are expensive and delicate. They can be affected by temperature […]

Changes to Competitive Horse Showing In 2021

Major changes are on the horizon for competitive equestrians. Many of the changes to horse showing in 2021 have to do with social distancing and COVID-19, but not all of them. While social distancing will change how some classes run (AQHA Showmanship, we’re thinking about you), other organizations made rule book changes aimed at animal […]